La Salle International

Strengthening Countries & Societies Through Education

Lasallian schools, from kinder through graduate levels, help build a sustainable infrastructure within developing countries.

Educating Youth & Creating Futures

Abandoned, marginalized, and neglected children receive an education and residential care at dozens of sites around the world, including St. Joseph's Boys' Village in India.

Childhood Education Creates a Lifetime of Possibilities

San Miguel schools in the USA and other special charter schools around the world ensure that aspiring minds are not neglected.

4 A student in the Meki high school

Answering Hopes and Realizing Dreams

Lasallian schools in Ethiopia -- and in over 80 other countries -- provide an empowering future to impoverished students.

5 A student in the Meki high school

Professional Skills for A Complex World

We provide quality training for nurses, doctors, lawyers, engineers and other professionals to expertly solve new challenges around the world.

Who we are

La Salle International Foundation is a USA based development organization which supports a global educational, health and human service network of the De La Salle Brothers. In critical times, it also provides emergency support for humanitarian relief projects around the world.


What we do

We partner with donors to help fund a variety of formative educational opportunities in 82 countries of the world. We sponsor formal classrooms, non-traditional experimental programs, and everything in-between.

Our talent is building human capacity through quality education and values-based instruction. We do this through a remarkably dedicated, enthusiastic and compassionate staff that is devoted to the service of others.


Where you can help

  • Auckland

    New Zealand: Lasallian Women’s Symposium 2017

    An International Lasallian Women’s Symposium will gather women from around the world in Auckland from 16-19 July 2017.  The District of Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan and Papua New Guinea (ANZPPNG) will be hosting this historic event- the first ever International … Continue reading

  • A Syrian refugee family spend the day in the Aegean port city of Izmir, western Turkey, August 10, 2015.   REUTERS/Osman Orsal

    Syrian Refugees: A Brotherly Response

    Question: How do talented teachers and students help Syrian refugees? Answer: By offering what they have  — a quality education. Concerned about the evolving migrant/refugee crisis in the world (principally from Syria) and as prescribed by decisions made at the De La Salle … Continue reading

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