Mozambique: Azada Verde uses agro-ecology to feed thousands

La Salle International Foundation, Inc

When Cyclone Idai ripped through Mozambique in March of 2019, the United Nations designated the storm as one of the Southern Hemisphere’s strongest ever to have been recorded.  In its wake, almost 2 million acres of cropland was destroyed, further enfeebling one of the most food-insecure countries in Africa.

Fortunately, Azada Verde is there to help!  With its holistic agricultural services, this organization is helping to repair the agricultural sector impacted by the storm while also setting courses of action which will address a number of ongoing social concerns in the country.

Azada Verde supports agricultural associations which bring farmers together for instruction on the latest crop varieties and newest agricultural techniques. Through its innovative bici-pumps as well as regular pumps, water is provided to rural agricultural areas which meet community needs and supplement family incomes.  Methods like bici-pumps also help to protect the environment because they do not form the greenhouse producing carbon dioxide gas.  Special efforts are made to ensure the participation of women, thus enabling them to contribute in positive ways to their own family’s income.

Among other goals, the organization in 2020 is striving to provide three nutritious meals daily to more than two thousand impoverished youth in boarding schools.  In doing so, Azada Verde will help ensure the children’s normal physiological and cognitive development.  The organization is an active social advocate for children’s rights.

Through Azada Verde’s vision, dedication, and energy, lots of good things are happening in Mozambique!  Click here to learn more about this organization and how you can help.