What We Do

We partner with donors to fund formative Lasallian educational opportunities in 80 different countries around the world. We sponsor formal classrooms, non-traditional experimental programs, and everything in‑between.

Building health clinics and child care facilities, we enable people to advance themselves, their families, and their societies. We do this through a remarkably dedicated, enthusiastic, and compassionate staff who are passionately devoted to the service of others.

Areas of Focus

We work in lots of different places, focusing on education, health, and human services, and when disasters strike, we’re there to help out also. Although we are a public charity, we primarily support the Lasallian network of institutions established by the De La Salle Christian Brothers.


Our educational offerings match the local needs: from preschools to post-graduate university education. In Sri Lanka we educate former child soldiers; in Vietnam, we provide education for the children of street vendors; in the Philippines, we instruct physicians; in Ethiopia, we teach undergraduate engineers; in South Sudan, we train teachers.

Spanning the globe, our more than 1081 educational offerings provide students with important knowledge which ensures their long-term success. Beyond their academic knowledge, our students become contributory citizens and social leaders to better our world. Our graduates have become college presidents, religious leaders, and governmental leaders.


Our health programs range from training technicians, nurses, and physicians to providing clinical healthcare in emerging areas of the world, often targeting the special needs of women and children.

We work in South Sudan to certify midwives; in Mexico, we educate aspiring doctors; in Ethiopia, we train medical technicians; in Haiti, we offer neonatal assistance. Our graduates demonstrate not only the medical skills necessary for effective treatment but also compassion and ethics on which to base their practice.

We have programs for doctors to become more skilled and healthcare administrators to become more efficient. Their love for medicine fuels their love for humanity. We have supported a number of programs that are meeting critical needs such as midwife training in South Sudan, physician instruction in the Philippines, and medical technicians in Ethiopia.

Human Services

Many people on our planet lack basic human services: adequate clean water, available housing, sufficient food, safe living conditions, etc. While our foundation can’t address the needs of all people, we give special attention to the needs of youth‑at‑risk.

These youth include educationally excluded youth (Vietnam), street children (Cameroon), orphans (Rwanda), disabled youth (Japan), individuals with mental illness (India), migrant and refugee youth (Lebanon), HIV+ and AIDS children (Ethiopia), child victims of war (Sri Lanka), juvenile offenders (USA), victims of child trafficking (Colombia), ethnic minorities (Sri Lanka), disadvantaged girls (India), and impoverished children (Haiti).

We provide comforting support and safe refuges for the victims of emotional, physical, and psychological violence. In some cases, we support programs with residential facilities, and in other locations, after-school or walk-in facilities are developed for use. We engage qualified, credentialled counselors, social workers, psychologists, and physicians to provide for individuals entrusted to our care.

Humanitarian Support

We provide short-term material and logistical assistance for natural and man‑made disasters. Realizing that local staffing is important, we are involved in select campaigns when we have the knowledgeable and capable infrastructures to save lives, alleviate suffering and maintain human dignity.

We have assisted with relief efforts in such humanitarian causes as Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) in the Philippines, the earthquake in Haiti, as well as acute starvation in drought areas of South Sudan and Mozambique.