Burkina Faso: CLIMA Grows Agricultural Families

La Salle International Foundation, Inc

CLIMA (Lasallian Center for Instruction in Agricultual Methods) in Beregadougou is an investment in the future of agriculture of Burkina Faso. This unique Lasallian program welcomes young, aspiring families from across the country to train for two years in the latest methods of agriculture, animal husbandry and fish farming. This successful program uses the "train the trainer"methodology to instruct capable and energetic farmers about best practices. Through their years of classroom instruction and practical experience, the graduates of CLIMA return to their villages well equipped to teach others about the latest methodologies to improve their agricultural plots. The program welcomes not just the farmers, but their entire families. The families live together in separate houses within a CLIMA village where the women work together to take care of the children. Chiuldren attend local schools and day-care is provided through this co-op. The women also learn marketable skills such as sewing and knitting, by which they can contribute significantly to the financial wellbeing of the family. For m ore informatipon about this innovative, successful and formative two-year program for farmers and their families, click here.)