International Lasallian COVID-19 Fundraising Appeal Will Provide Humanitarian Assistance to Vulnerable Areas

A young boy is sitting in front of a poster.

COVID-19 has completely changed our lifestyles, putting our health systems and economies at risk.  During this difficult time, we are helping our cities and local communities.  But the greatest humanitarian challenge is yet to come.  As it arrives, COVID-19 is likely to show its greatest impact on developing nations and island states.

First world healthcare protocols will face enormous challenges in the world’s developing areas:

  • How can social distancing be implements in the slums?
  • How can people frequently wash their hands without running water?
  • How will extremely fragile health systems address the medical needs of so many?
  • How will people know who is transmitting the virus without tests?

Your donation (CLICK HERE) will help us to respond to urgent needs identified at the local level by community leaders. Supporting the most-vulnerable countries helps to stop the circulation of the virus for everyone.  Together we can defeat COVID-19.