To Honor Women, Support “Lasallian Women of Hope”

A Girl with Beautiful Smile

The mission of Lasallian Women of Hope (LWH) is to ensure females gain full access to Lasallian education. This grassroots effort began by empowering women and girls to create sustainable solutions to the obstacles which impeded their educational goals.  Through its grants, LWH delivers creative, effective, and durable solutions to educational inequities for girls and women. The governing council comprises representatives from five comprehensive regions worldwide to ensure it is responsive to emerging global needs.

The inaugural project which began at Mwangaza College (Kenya) was known as The Pad Project.  To ensure uninterrupted attendance, it provided personal hygiene products and health education to young women at the college.  The LWH Pad Project focuses on supporting locally-based Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) educational plans, which provide women’s health instruction and personal hygiene items. This project promotes regular attendance, obtains better grades, and fosters an increased sense of self-esteem and self-worth. Girls who stay in school are more likely to avoid pregnancies and be more vital social contributors as adults.  (Click here for a little fun from Mwangaza College, and here to support Lasallian Women of Hope.)