The newly opened Trương Vĩnh Ký school in the central highlands of Vietnam will eliminate the stigma suffered by the local Montagnard population – a minority group that is socio-economically and linguistically marginalized. Providing students with proper educational training will allow all the otherwise neglected children to continue their studies in the public system, obtain state-recognition for their studies, and develop the necessary skills for future employment.

A new high school in South Sudan will enable educationally disadvantaged youth to get a quality Lasallian education. The school is has been built at the request of local officials who want a quality education provided to their youth.

On Thursday, March 14th, Cyclone Idai swept through Mozambique creating one of the worst disasters ever to strike the country.  Its torrential floods and winds of over 140 mph forced people to evacuate their collapsed dwellings and cling to trees...

Located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopian Catholic University (ECU) addresses a critical need for professionals, especially considering Ethiopia is soon to be one of the ten most populous countries in the world. ECU is becoming a Center of Excellence for Africa's horn, providing a new generation of outstanding doctors and engineers. These aspiring, capable, and talented students need educational scholarship support to help them serve the future of Africa.

Early before dawn breaks, bleary-eyed children sleepily stagger into Ho Chi Minh city with their street-vendor parents. The Tan Hung school offers five primary grades of classes to 130 of these otherwise educationally-excluded street children, many of whom have emotional or learning issues. With the teachers' patience, care and lots of hard work, 100% of the graduates have further access to a quality education.

The "Fratelli Project" is now in its third year of helping displaced Syrian children adapt to the harsh realities of an exiled life in Lebanon. Through a comprehensive series of ten different socio-educational programs, hundreds of children are being helped each year. Counseling, PTSD services, educational remediation, tutoring, peaceful conflict resolution training, preschool programs and recreational activities are all being provided through the Fratelli Project.