The Gift of Clean Drinking Water…

Three children and a dog in the dirt.
Two children are walking on a path near the water.
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A boy and his father playing in the mud.

Next time you sip some water, consider that students and families have no clean water to drink, wash, or cook at one of our other Lasallian schools in Peru. No water bottles, bottled water, tap with clean running water, or healthy water from a well. Instead, given no option, they drink contaminated, unhealthy water that makes them sick with acute diarrheal infections and other diseases.

Santa Rose Island is where the Amazon River goes through the 3-way meeting point of the Brazil, Columbia, and Peru borders. It is home to some 600 families/6000 individuals. However, because of oil spills, illegal mining, and other environmental challenges, the Amazon River and all other water sources are contaminated. There is no clean water. So, they drink dirty water to stay alive because it is all they have.

The Brothers have a community there and are caring for these Amazonian people living on the edge, trying to get by with so little. Education and brighter futures are possible, but only if they can first have their health back so they can regularly attend school and dream of possibilities. They need the essential good health that can only happen from having clean water for drinking, cooking, and personal hygiene.

We can work together to give them clean water. A bucket filtration kit will last two years before needing new filters. The kit holds 20 gallons of water at a time that is filtered and ready for drinking, cooking, and other uses. We need one system for each 600 families in this Lasallian community. Each kit costs $100.

Please consider joining other Lasallians in making it possible to purchase filtration kits for the families on Santa Rosa Island. Imagine the face of a young child drinking clean water for the first time. Imagine a mother who is less worried about her family because no one will get sick because she is now cooking with clean water. She is making her family healthier, not sick.

The filtration system will bridge a vital need for clean water while others work on a permanent clean water solution for this community, which might take a few years. Perhaps you can buy a kit for a family or contribute part of the cost of one kit. Thank you for doing what you can.

One La Salle. Together and By Association, we care for each other.

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