Lebanon: Aide to Syrian Refugee Children

A close up of a child with blue eyes

Fratelli Project Updates This “Fratelli Project†provides important auxiliary educational services to refugee Syrian children enabling them to access and succeed in Lebanese schools.  The Fratelli Project is a cooperative program between the Marist and the De La Salle Christian Brothers to educationally serve displaced Syrian refugee children living in Lebanon. The program offers ten different educational…

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Mozambique: Recovery is being assisted through a global Lasallian response. 

A view of an area that is flooded with water.

Following the worst storm in the southern hemisphere’s recorded meteorological history, one of the poorest African countries struggles to recover from Cyclone Idai. With hundreds of lives lost, thousands of homes destroyed, and 1.77 million acres of crops at the beginning of the main harvest season destroyed by Cyclone Idai, Mozambique continues to recover from one of the world’s…

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La Salle Secondary School Rumbek, South Sudan

A group of students sitting at desks in a classroom.

South Sudan’s 2018 academic report card showed lots of failures.  With only one-third of the country literate and less than 5% of eligible youth attending high school, the country ranked as the most educationally-challenged in the world. To address this situation and train the next generation of leaders, a new high school is nearing completion in…

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Montana: Advancing American Indian Children through Primary School Education.

A group of people in native american garb.

As a compassionate response to requests from tribal elders, the De La Salle Blackfeet School has been created to provide primary education and academic motivation to the tribe’s children. Now in its twenty-third year, De La Salle Blackfeet School (DLSBS) continues to bridge the Blackfeet, Lasallian, and Catholic communities to unite a family of prayerful…

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Mozambique: Azada Verde Develops Food Provisioning Through Agro-ecology.

A woman and two children sitting in the grass.

Through water-supply initiatives, agricultural associations, helpful student nutrition programs, and special responses for vulnerable children, Azada Verde uses agro-ecology to harmonize people’s needs with nature’s sustainability. Since 2017, the NGO called  Azada Verde (“Green Plowâ€)  has successfully implemented international development cooperation projects with a very clear objective: promote food sovereignty in Mozambique.  Most of the organization’s efforts have focused on…

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Philippines: A second chance for incarcerated youth

A young boy with his arms crossed and thumbs up.

The Bahay Pag-asa (“House of Hopeâ€) program removes incarcerated juveniles from adult jails and safeguards them in a caring, residential training facility. These youth receive medical care, counseling, academic support, and recreational support in a setting which allows them opportunities to confront their own deficiencies and build upon strengths. La Salle International supports the work of Bahay Pag-asa,…

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Venezuela: Humanitarian Support Targets 2,780 Students for Hunger Relief Program.

Three students sitting on a bench in front of a wall.

Before entering their schools, many of Venezuela’s students check to see if lunch is provided.  If not, the students must roam the streets in search of food.   The numbers paint a grim reality.  Ninety-one percent of Venezuela’s people are living in poverty. Nine out of ten Venezuelans go to bed hungry, and 62 percent of Venezuelan…

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Global: Lasallian International COVID-19 Appeal will provide hope and help to families in developing nations and island states.

A child in blue shirt and black pants sitting on top of table.

The Solidarity and Development Secretariat of the De La Salle Christian Brothers has launched a bold worldwide appeal for funds to support people in undeveloped areas of the globe effected by COVID-19. Immediate humanitarian aid will be provided to thousands of families in the most-vulnerable areas of the world.  As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads around…

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Lebanon: “La Salle for Beirut” Appeal will provide educational support to students.

A poster with the words " donate now ".

The Solidarity and Development Secretariat of the De La Salle Christian Brothers launched a worldwide appeal to assist students at three Lasallian schools affected by the explosions in Beirut.  August 4, 2020, was a day of horror for the residents of Beirut.  A devastating explosion, hyper-fueled by the combustion of very large ammonium nitrate stockpiles, exploded…

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