Thailand: Stateless children educated in a Bamboo School

Children standing in line

Stateless adults and their children cross the border from Myanmar every morning to labor in northern Thailand’s rubber factories.  Ineligible for public primary education, a nearby charity school has been constructed specifically for these otherwise neglected children.  Because the government prohibits permanent structures on the border, The School Has Been Creatively Constructed From Bamboo.  Along…

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Ivory Coast: Abobo Welcomes Street Children

A view of children in the streets looking at an angle

This project provides a safe residence for children who otherwise live on the street.  The children receive medical and counseling support and then are gradually placed into public schools while being reunited with their families. This project focuses on street children between 8 and 15 years of age who have been disassociated from their families.  The children…

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India: Teaching girls. Training adults. Building communities

A person doing traditional weaving

One of the best-run NGOs in India, this project educates children while showing special sensitivity towards educationally excluded Dalit girls. Adults are helped through training programs and a pre-fabrication process has produced 7,500 homes for poor families. Beginning in 1974 with a small program for boys, Reaching the Unreached (RTU) has evolved over the years into a comprehensive…

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Haiti: School for Children and Health Center for Mothers

Children smiling at the camera

This project supports a combined facility providing both children’s primary education and women’s  neonatal care to residents in the impoverished area of Port aux Prince. La Salle International support fund has financed construction and free tuition at a new school in Port aux Prince. The school educates students during the same time that mothers receive instruction in neonatal care…

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South Sudan: Surviving The Ravages of War

Two people looking at the laptop together

For internally displaced victims of war, this project provides food, psychological counseling, and educational programs to build human capacity.  Agricultural, health, and teacher training is conducted to build self-sufficiency and re-invigorate local communities. To assist in the building of South Sudan’s human capacity, La Salle International has been supporting the efforts of Solidarity with South Sudan, which has been…

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El Paso & Tucson: Exploring the complex realities of immigration on both sides of the wall.

People sitting on the floor and talking to each other

Almost everyone knows about “the wall,” a physical barricade along parts of the southern USA border with Mexico. An immersion experience provides opportunities to witness firsthand the reality of the wall and study its impact on people, places, and politics.  The proverb “Good fences make good neighbors” seems to have sprung from a 1914 poem…

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Egypt: “Centre De Vie” Provides Specialized Training For Challenged Youth to have a productive, independent life.

Two children preparing meals

The “Centre de Vie” (Center for Life) at the Collège St. Marc in Alexandria provides a wide array of specialized programs to address the unique needs of emotionally, physically, and mentally challenged youth. Graduates emerge with the capacity to be well-integrated into society. Often enough, when we see physically or mentally challenged individuals, we look the…

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